The Chronicles Of Soloss

Chronicle VII Chapter III

The Beast Unleashed.

There is an Temple Assassin loose aboard The Salvation. The ship is lost in the warp without the Navigation Cognitor necessary to bring it back into reality safely.

The Acolytes lie horrifically wounded. Thaddius Constantine is almost welded to the floor grilling after being hit by the full force of a Melta Bomb thrown by the creature set loose aboard the stricken vessel. He lies almost dead, his skin crisped and his right leg stripped almost to the bone. The skin cauterised but he remains in terrible, unyielding pain.

Beside him the smoking form of Drake Mallear also horribly maimed in the blast but still conscious after saving his companion’s life.

Their assailant has moved on. Perhaps he thinks them dead?

In a stairwell a matter of yards away, the Assassinorum Acolyte, Imperator Mortis Strang lies bleeding from a leg wound. His pride hurt more than his body but his soul has been hardened like steel after seeing an opponent of such terrible proficiency in action. Something died in Strang a few moments ago.

What remains is as yet unseen.



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