The Chronicles Of Soloss

Chronicle VIII - The Council's Edict

The Findings Of The Council (Communique VIII)

“…and may the Golden Throne bless your path,
no matter where it may lead"

After three months of tense waiting without a word, a message is sent to you via a secure channel.

- + + + Eyes Of Callsign: CEPHRAS + + + -

- + + + EDICT COMMENCES: Sector Princept + + + -

Your efforts to drive the foul minions of the Arch-Enemy from Hive Golgotha have been noted and we commend you for your actions. It is our decree that all members of Callsign: CEPHRAS (Oc/ftr/debt0||) be awarded Seals Of Purity inscribed with the Prayer Of Sanctity, bestowed by the most Holy Ordo Hereticus.

This ceremony will be held 8.788.808.M41 at the Chapel of the Martyrs and will be performed by the Sisterhood Of The Lambent Flame.

May the Emperor’s light shine upon you that you may continue to do his will.

Given the evidence presented it is our majority decision that we, the rightly ordained Council Of Twelve, do decree that the whereabouts of the Sorcerer Marius (all curses rain upon the heretic and his warp-cursed kind) must be sought with all haste.

Hereafter Callsign: CEPHRAS is tasked with the destruction of this creature and the forces under his command.

A joint force from the Imperial Guard, Adepta Sororitas and Naval Skyborne Battalions will accompany you in this venture. They have orders to commit to the eradication of all hostile forces found within the system.

Hereafter Callsign: CEPHRAS is tasked to advise and council the forces undertaking this mission in leading them to victory over the Arch-Enemy.

Overarching command of all forces will be held by the Warmaster himself and then the heads of Military Forces. The formal military command structure will consist of:

Warmaster Dar – Imperial Guard, Elysian Skyborne Forces
Lord Admiral Attellus Recht- Imperial Naval Battalions
Mother Canoness Canoness Lynett Peaque – Adepta Sororitas ~ Order of The Lambent Flame, Orders Militant.

The Adeptus Astartes have been advised of our venture and have given assurances that, if our hunt for the forces of Chaos is fruitful then a contingent will be despatched to the sector with all haste to support our actions there.

The Ordo Malleus are currently investigating the artefacts recovered. It is thought likely that some support may be given from this quarter. As yet no confirmation has been given at this time.

We note with disappointment that the heretic’s specific location has eluded you. However the Adeptus Astronomica were able to surmise from the given records that a nebulae matching it’s description does indeed lie on the spinward arm of the Cadian Gate, (vide: Eye Of Terror). This position, Point: 010.668.45X – the planetary system hereafter referred to as Perdition has been previously noted to contain items of interest to the Inquisition.

Our colleagues from the Adeptus Mechanicus have noted a vessel travelling in the vicinity of the Nebulae, the Explorator freighter Engine Of Deliverance, was declared missing some 50 cycles hence whilst searching the quadrant for rare mineral deposits. They seek to recover this vessel and have committed to accompanying a military force into that region. It is not a priority of the Holy Ordos that this ship is recovered but a reasonable amount of assistance to the Tech Priests is expected from all acolytes provided that it does not hinder the primary mission.

Bring the truth of the Emperor’s word unto those that doubt.

Council Of Twelve,
Hive Golgotha
System Soloss



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