The Chronicles Of Soloss

Season VII

Scene One: In medias res

Narrative backstory Discussion

  1. Shopping: Ammo, clothing, weapons etc.
  2. XP and ‘rank’ confirmation.
  3. Any mid-season break backstory tweaks?
  4. Communique VII
  5. Requisition and Stipend?

Hive Golgotha, on Ferran.

Canticle Spaceport.

Drake Mallear
Arrives by Black Inquisitional Stormraven Gunship. He is heavily scarred across his now hairless scalp. Rivets of bluish silver are nailed into his scars and his skull is wreathed in tattooing. These seem to be some kind of tetragrammic wards, prayers of binding and purity.
He is flanked by Inquisitional Stormtroopers x5. Pic: pg.XX???

In similar uniform but clearly not a grunt is Maloric, a highly decorated and stockily-built Guardsman. He moves in a slightly less “ordered” manner than the others yet has three purity seals and extra webbing. He is Hiron’s man undercover. A “bodyguard” of sorts. Placed in theatre to ensure as much as possible that CEPHRAS are not betrayed further.

Thaddius Constantine
Arrives by Mechanicus Grav-Train. A golden/brass juggernaut wreathed in steam and promethium smoke. Servitors and Tech Magos bustle around thanking the beasts machine-spirit for their safe arrivial.
He sports a new cybernetic left arm with three fingered claw on the end. A simple prosthesis which is standard issue for wounded Guardsman amputees.

Strang (Severas)
Has been skulking around the spaceport for an hour or so and has been observing the crowds unseen. Steps out of the dockside shadows as if he’d been there all along.

Tinfoil hat time:

  • Scrutiny tests vs. other PCs:
  • No Arbites carapace chest plate (!)
  • Walks unsteadily. Seems like he’s been off his feet for a while, out of condition?

An Arbites Waystation, presiding over the Docks District HQ Proctor Flavion Deloque is in charge.


  1. Manufactorum Foundry XXIII is a blast furnace pouring raw ceramite and Admantium to make hull platings for the Naval Fleet, the disappearances have happened here.
  2. 50+ Workers have gone missing in the last few months.
  3. Administratum Officials are now counting the shift workers on and off the factorum floors. Since this practice has started the disappearances have slowed somewhat.
  4. Mark of Chaos found scrawled on a walkway near Manufactorum XXIII.
  5. Rumours of a Cult living in the Underhive, of flesh-eating Mutants, Scavvys, and rat men.
  6. Meet a Ganger – stimm dealer.
  7. Beneath the Manufactorum level, in the no-mans-land between the Underhive and the Mid-Hive Hab-Blocks the walls have begun to bleed, some say there are faces appearing in the stone.


  • Ministorum Preachers, screeching out articles of faith at the workers entrances to Manufactorums. Much to the chagrin of Mechanicus Tech priests as they attest the Machine Spirits are disquieted by the rhetoric.

“A crisis of faith, carved by the foul hand of a maniacal cult has dripped the heady poison of fear into the hearts of the faithful and the blessed citizenry. Where there is fear there is always dissent. Trust bretheren, trust in the light of true faith in the Throne, in the power of His undying will. It is the only way to purge this toxin from the very flesh of mankind.”

Priest at the gates of Manufactorum XXIII



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