The Chronicles Of Soloss

Season VII. Epilogue I

The Crucible Of Faith

Events subsequent to the conclusion of Chapter 7. Concerning Hive Golgotha and Communique VII.

  • Killed the Daemon Fish – it’s mangled corpse too big to dispose of but remains as evidence. Destruction and processing of the beast was handed over to the Mechanicus Magos Biologis. Initial reports that it is a massive, ancient mutant of some form that had lived in The Sump for countless years. They fear that as the apex predator it’s absence may mean other foul creatures may soon learn to thrive down there, in the dark.
  • Search the small chapel for signs of life and evidence. A few small sundry items were found to support CEPHRAS’s findings. These were handed over to the Judiciary during the hearing. The cultist chapel was thereafter cleansed by the Holy Flamers of the blessed Sisters of Battle.
  • Exit strategy: Leave the hive Manufactorum levels dragging the priest:
  1. A cultist wounded to the foot eventually died of a blood borne infection on the long walk/drag through the Hive City. His body was then burned on a processional dais by the Ministorum as the crowd cheered and cursed the heretic. The charred bones are on display in a square upon the Manufactorum strata as a warning to those who fall from the true faith and to the faithful to shield themselves from taint with righteous hatred of those that turn from His light.
  2. A cultist who had his nose broken and teeth smashed out by Thaddius Constantine was somehow able to survive the harassment of the baying masses on the long torturous walk to the upper spires. He was given over to Inquisitorial Interrogators for processing. He currently is held in The Gulag and undergoing ‘tests’.
  3. The ‘Celebrant Of the Dark Gods’, a red-robed mutant cultist leader who’s mind was almost destroyed by the Psyker Drake Mallear was handed over to a coterie of Inquisitorial Psykers under the auspice of the Ordo Hereticus during the hearing and has been transferred to an undisclosed ‘facility’ for further inquiry.
  • Proctor Flavion Deloque survived his capture, battered and traumatised but otherwise unharmed. He was summarily stripped of his rank and sentenced to a term of service in the Penal Legions for his “lack of vigilance against the heretic”.
  • Renown The arduous public procession through the blackened bowels of Hive Golgotha raised the names of the Magistrate Thaddius Constantine, an Inquisitional Stoom Trooper Lazarus Maloric and their strange Psyker companion Drake Mallear to the public conciousness. Naturally all evidence of the Assassinorum Agent (Imperator Mortis) Severas were expunged from the public record as per the tenets of the Officio. However those select few who are aware of his part in the operation make note of him and a man to watch.

The people of Ferran have proclaimed the group ‘heroes’ and throughout the Hive prayers of thanks have been offered to the Emperor for sending champions of such purity to deliver them from the clutches of the Dark Gods. Priests, Missionaries and Confessors now shriek the Word Of The Emperor from every pulpit, proclaiming “A new age of purity and redemption”. And thusly the masses have become more fervent in their worship, fearing further pogroms by the Inquisition.



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