The Chronicles Of Soloss

Season VII. Epilogue II

The Council of Twelve

Mission Parameters:

Purge the taint from the hive.We have cut a bloody swathe through the hive, we have smashed the power base of the cult that once dwelt here by killing the majority of it’s members.

We have destroyed the focal point of the cult – the Deamon that dwelt in the very foundations of Hive Golgotha – and have thus helped restore productivity by returning the Manufactorum workers to their duties and removing the threat. We have also removed several tainted artefacts from the cult’s place of gathering, this evidence was collected personally by the most Holy Grey Knights, as is their purview.

We believe that further clues to the where location of this central command structure lies within the evidence we discovered in the upper chapel which was collected by the Grey Knights. Further to this physical evidence we have the priest who, being in charge of the local chapter, would have received orders from Marius.

Bring it’s leaders publicly to justice.We have captured the cowled mutant who has been identified as one of the leaders as a visible focus of public outrage and information. We have also dragged him through the streets showing the citizenry that heresy will not go unpunished and brought him before the council because we have a case that our mission cannot be completed by us with our current resources. He kneels in custody even now awaiting the Emperor’s Justice. Contained within his head are potentially many secrets about the cult and the possible location of Marius, who we know to be a heretic with a far-reaching influence.

We have encountered several leaders – including a Psyker who identified Thaddius by name – sadly due to the extreme resistance of their forces we were not physically able to capture him, but managed to stop him from completing his foul deeds.

We have learnt that the Children Of The Abyss are part of a far larger network of Chaos activity that takes it’s leadership from a planet far from Ferran.

We believe from our extensive investigations that the rogue Psyker Marius and his cult is hiding in a ‘Red Nebula’ – possibly near the Cadian Gate using the warp storms of the Eye Of Terror to cover his movements.

Additional evidence from Drake Mallear from his time spent on Kranak III while attached early in his career with the Death Korps of Krieg when dealing with a Traitor Guard insurrection. Evidence showed that Marius had indeed been sewing the seeds of mutiny among one of the Emperor’s glorious legions. Several survivors were interrogated by Drake, and consequently hanged by his superior Lt Perelnikov Waffejaeger – Known as ‘Roper’ to his troops for his singular methods of discipline.

Marius was also seen during our smashing of another cult, which resulted in the Red Jester Deamon appearing in the heat of battle. A Deamon we defeated by virtue of our training and faith in the Emperors mercy.

How much longer will the council allow this unsanctioned and dangerous heretic loose within the quadrant? If his influence in the areas we’ve seen can do this – there’s not telling at what else he keeps by his side. This cult may merely be an offshoot of his greater goal if he’s still amassing a following. Causing an insurrection of an entire legion of Guard isn’t easy – influence could definitely be viewed as infernal. What if he’s feeding his numbers only to further swell the ranks of Chaos?

We humbly note that those who are tasked to do so should identify key areas in the quadrant that would be vulnerable to a large assault if a large Chaos force were to attack now.

Having been asked to purge the taint of the Hive we have discovered that the problem is off-world and of far greater scope than we can deal with as just three Acolytes with minimal resource. We can serve the Imperium by taking out small pockets of heresy as we have proven ourselves ruthlessly efficient at, but the most effective way to combat widespread corruption is to strike at it’s very heart.

We are the best people for the job as we have vested interest in pursuing this ‘half-breed’ as we have triumphed in previous encounters against him. We have gathered evidence, had frequent encounters and are familiar with the deeds and methods of the cult and it’s leader, the foul Sorcerer Marius.

Callsign: CEPHRAS feels that in order to honourably fulfil their remit they have to take this step to pursue this course of actions to crush the enemies of The Holy God-Emperor!


Upon hearing the evidence put forward by the Acolytes the Council then withdrew into closed session to debate what action is to be taken.

The Acolytes were thanked and ordered to remain ‘near at hand’ until a final decision was reached.


The tension mounts….

Season VII. Epilogue II

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