The Chronicles Of Soloss

Season VII: Episode II

Down amongst the dead men.

Involvement in silencing a civilian riot. What was causing this? What was the protest? Questions weren’t asked.

The Hab strata:
Having found a series of “hollowed out” habs the and followed them down to an old abandoned artisan strata. The Acolytes have found themselves in a disused linen mill. Dusty and decaying.

They have tracked numerous footprints in the dust to the main front doors of the mill which are large, plasteel, barred and locked.


Character Awarded XP Spent On Banked
Drake Mallear 250 Sound Con, Forbidden Lore – Psykers, Sure Strike, Command 60
Thaddius Constantine 220 Sure Strike, Swift Attack 30
Strang (Severas) 220 WS+5 (40) 50



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