The Chronicles Of Soloss

Season VII, Episode III

Into the belly of the beast.

Having dropped 30m from a cracked drainage pipe into a steel-clad floor, Drake Mallear, Maloric and Strang have landed in what seems to be a lower sanctum for The Children Of The Abyss.

Strang and Maloric stand poised for battle.

Startled by the sudden intrusion and not a little surprised by seeing Mallear’s struggle with the Warp creature that he banished with a death-defying fall the ragged horde of maniacal cultists hungry for blood and mayhem momentarily waver.

Bleeding and broken, Mallear lies gasping yet somehow alive not far from the others. A swirl of Octarine haze hanging in the air around him is all that remains of the Deamon.

Wounds = 0
Fatigue lvl = 2

Having be successful in navigating the broken section of the pipe above Thaddius Constantine had found a stairwell and is decending in near-darkness to the lower level where his companions are about to engage the baying pack of unfettered madness. His cybernetic eye allowing him to navigate without concern.



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