Darkly Wild

Wealthy rakehell, libertine and entrepreneur.


Born into fabulous wealth, his love for excess, intrigue and power has served him well. He has invested uncannily wisely and put his money to work. His assets now stretch to collossal proportions (no pun intended).

Ostensibly he is the broker for many Chartist Contracts with the Segmentum Obscurus but his fingers are in many pies.

Until recently he held the contract on the merchant vessel The Pilgrim Cloud and thus controlled the movements of the then-Chartist Captain Hathwick Faulkner. Since Faulkner has been gifted Rogue Trader /Imperial Privateer status the ship and captain are no longer in his stable. It is unlikey that his former employee will soon forget the years of thankless service or be well-disposed to him were they to ever meet.

Wild also has some reputation for roguish dalliances with the daughters of noble houses. News of his exploits has been the subject of gossip at salons of the powerful and many a disgruntled parent has taken issue with his carnal antics. As he also is a man in possession of many exclusive trade routes it is rare that any household formally has taken this further.

On rare occasions this has happened however. At times he has been called out to answer for his actions, twice now with angry brothers of wayward Noble women, Wild has stood to a duel in the old way, with an archaic simple fencing épée. Both times Wild has escaped inscathed and his opponent has yielded, their honour irrevocably tarnished and in dire need of urgent medical attention.

He has not known to have ever spoken of his own family. It is likely that if he were of a Noble House they would be seeking him to find a partner and thus create progeny to continue the bloodline. Currently it seems Wild has no desire to settle down and his libertinous behaviour would bring any house into conflict with that which he hailed, as the heads of any truly Noble House take exception to the deflowering of their impressionable womenfolk.

Darkly Wild

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