Inquisitor Graitha

Pariah. A stern, beautiful puritan with a loathing for psykers.


Raised in an Imperial Scholam, she was always an unsettling child, striking fear into her classmates with her acid tongue and nihilistic view of the universe. Iron logic and facts were her earliest playthings and soon imperative knowledge was her only friend.

Her cold detachment and sense of loathing for all that could not be logically quantified marked her out for further training. It was in her advanced classes that the Drill Abbots noted she left no psychic trace within the Warp. She was noted as a Pariah, a blank spot in the void.

Her talent for being resistant to the powers of the Immaterium and her violent burgeoning hatred for all Psykers marked her for the Inquisional service. She joined the Distaff and served Inquisitor Eisenhorn for several years before her successes, fanatical attention to detail and a service record saw her elevated to the rank of Inquisitor herself. Matters pertaining to the Ordo Malleus being her perview within the Soloss Sector.

Since then she has been devoted to the erradication of rogue psykers and Chaos cultists and their kind with a fervour which burns with unquenchable distain.

Inquisitor Graitha

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