Lady Shalliya Kendrix-Bafford

Matriarch of House Bafford, Widow of Rudolfo Quintus Bafford.


Head of the Bafford House following the death of her husband Lord Magister Rudolfo Quintus Bafford who was killed at the orders of Inquisitor Brutis Hiron (now Lord Inquisitor) of Ordo Zenos and his acolytes.

A taint of Chaos was found within the Magister and his second in line Ashe. The Magister was accused of consorting with Daemonic forces, specifically the foul lord of decay, Nurgle. Lord Hiron’s pet Psyker, Drake Mallear who uncovered the truth about House Bafford.

The shame that this horrid secret being uncovered has damaged the reputation of the House massively. To rebuild the House is Lady Bafford’s sole concern.

Lady Shalliya Kendrix-Bafford

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