Lazarus Maloric

Guardsman, tough as old boots.


Divination: “The gun is mightier than the sword” : +2 BS

Drook IV – Feudal (Feral) World
Taboo: A Warrior’s Death (pg 32)

Speak Language (Tribal Dialect – Fennsman)

Iron Stomach. +10 Carouse Skill Tests vs. effects of toxins, poisons or tainted foods.

Primitive. -10 penalty to Tech Use (Int) tests. -10 penalty to FEL tests in formal/civilized surroundings.

Rite Of Passage. can spend a Full Action to staunch Blood Loss: Int test.

Wilderness Savvy. Navigation(Surface)(Int), Survival(Int) and Tracking (Int) count as Basic skills.

Mercenary Licence


From Season I.

Originally a trooper in the Drookian Fen Guard he was found on Drook IV being held by the now-dead Father Esquinum. He was tortured for being the sole survivor of an Eldar ambush over several months strapped inside an excruciator locked deep in the bowels of the Basillica Of Santa Lucillia.

He redeemed himself by guiding the Acolytes back to the scene. His bravery and resilience was noted as well as his willingness clear his name. In the report of the mission the Guardsman was commended for his service to the Ordos.

Inquisitor Hiron has taken him into his retinue and trained him rigorously. The resourceful and resilient soldier has now become a trusted servant and has been decorated for his deeds on several occasions.

Lazarus Maloric

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