The Daemonherd


Marius is a Daemonherd, a shepherd of the Warp. Also known as the ‘Half-Breed’. He has the ability to goad Daemons into the visible realm and support their passage into reality. He has little control over their actions therafter however due to the fact that he is utterly insane and sees the will of the warp as his ally, giving himself over to the foul whims of the Dark Gods.


The nemesis of Drake Mallear’s early life and cause of much dismay for the Psyker thereafter, including in many ways his painful torture and gelding upon the Black Ships this it is assumed was due to the intense hatred that the young Psyker felt for his great enemy which therefore threatened his purity before the Throne.

He appears as a diminutive hunched figure in a ragged filth-ridden cowl, apparently this was once made from some fine velvet-like cloth of myriad colours.

His bony grey hands protude from this foul-smelling heap and witnesses have glimpsed briefly the vile deformities hidden within.

He is a profoundly mad individual. A high-level Psyker but not a typical battlefield Champion or a mighty Chaos Warrior per se yet it would be vastly unwise to underestimate his level of threat.

His skills are more suited to spreading corruption and goading the whims of the Daemons in his thrall rather than slugging it out in the heat of battle. Regardless, confronting Marius is no simple undertaking.


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