Proctor Flavion Deloque

Grizzled old Arbites Proctor-Sergeant


Born: Ferran (Hive World)

Accustomed To Crowds Crowds to not count as difficult terrain. No penalty to (or AGL test for) Running or Charging through crowds.

Caves Of Steel treat Tech Use (Int) as a Basic Skill.

Hivebound -10 Penalty to all Survival Tests. When outside a “proper hab” they take a -5 penalty to all Int tests.

Wary +1 to all Initiative rolls.

  • Uniform
  • 3x Stimm + Injector
  • Arbitrator ID
  • Chrono
  • Flask of Amasec

Quirk: Set of gangerlike piercings, right hand side of face.


Deloque is an aging war-horse, a man who has seen too much human misery and suffering to truly see the point of it all anymore. It has been noted that a man of his age should be of more prestigious rank or at least more politically active in ensuring his security. He is not a man who can play the high-rank game, the political stances, the endless debates are not his arena. Give him a squad and a street to subdue and he is in his element.

He never had a family, never rested easy, he is very much a “lifer”, a man married to his career and to doing the job as well as he could. His rewards came in small ways, to him every street dealer he puts in chains means one less citizen being corrupted.

He prefers to fight his battles one nightstick-strike at a time.

Proctor Flavion Deloque

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