Strang (Severas)

Assassin with a troubled past


Vox Ident: Harbinger

Weapon Skill – 35 (45 Hand to Hand)
Ballistic Skill – 44
Agility – 46
Toughness – 41
Intelligence – 34
Fellowship – 31
Will Power -




Head: 2
Rest: 4

Long Las
Sniper Rifle (Custom)
Bolt Pistol (Special)
Powerblade (Custom)

Other notable pieces of kit:
Photo Reactive contacts – infrared/Night vision/anti glare
Auspex scanner
Multi key – adds +30 to security tests
Charm of corpse hair necklace
Chinese Suit

Fate Points:

Insanity Points:

Corruption Points:


Father was an imperial marksman called Severnum in the Elysian Drop Regiments.

Severnum fought many battles, but through a politically bad command decision was placed in a situation where the combat style called for a more aggressive, heavily armed unit and the squad was decimated and Strang’s father injured beyond combat effectiveness, the unit was coloured with failure and disbanded in shame, despite it not being their fault.
Pensioned off and unable to live with the shame on Elysia, Severnum moved off world with his pregnant wife to the outlying planet where Strang was born. Despite being of Elysian blood Severnum became a farmer, eeking out an existence raising herds and scratching a living from the dust of the world they had settled on.
Strang was raised as a shepherd and a hunter – taught by one of the best marksman Elysia had to offer – steeped in military and religious doctrine, taught the necessary skills to stalk prey, hostile animals (tracking? survival? Silent move) and deliver an accurate shot from distance.
Life proved hard for his father, being unfit for duty and told tales of the betrayal of his unit whilst passing on his knowledge of the Imperium.

In the mean time, as is tradition on back water worlds Strang grew up and married young to take a wife to help tend the farm. Upon the death of his father it becomes obvious that the farm was unable to support itself beyond the supplements of the military pension which stopped after Severnum died.
Strang baring the debt of the family is targeted by the Mayor of the planet/moon who tries to take the one thing his father was able to fight for after having his career taken from him. In all the under hand and corrupt dealings undertaken by the Major to try and get the land, he seduces Strangs wife with trappings of luxury to use her to persuade Strang to give up the land.

Upon discovering the deceit, Strang does nothing to react immediately, but uses the ability to blend into crowds to mingle in bars, the coarse perception of a farmer and the knowledge of religion and high gothic allowing him to mingle in many circles and learns of the political corruption and religious heresy of the Mayor.
Upon the Imperium’s next official inspection visit Strang uses all the skills he has learnt (silent move, climb etc) to position himself in the perfect position and at the welcoming ceremony gives the crowd the warning cry of ‘Heretic’ before taking down the Mayor at the presentation with a single shot before surrendering himself, by literally throwing himself at the mercy of the Emperor alleging heresy.

After time spent in jail under interrogation into the allegations, which are proved true, Strang is seconded into service as a sniper, upon being given the chance Strang leaves his home world behind, dedicating his life to the Emperor’s Service and leaving his wife to rot alone and poor in shame for he has been taught that betrayal is the worst kind of heresy.
Put into the Elysian Drop regiments as he is of Elysian descent. However being born off world causes detachment with the rest of the troops and Strang never quite fits in. However, the remarkable feat of the Mayor’s assassination had been picked up by the Assassin’s Cult and after progressing as a sniper was taken to be trained as an exception to the normal laws because it was felt that the skills were to valuable to lose.

Due to the legacy of corruption of the Officio and the fact that he is a grey man in the terms of neither really being native to the assassins or the Elysians, Strang was put back into military service with the Drop regiments to serve two purposes, for the Assassin’s Cult it gives him a chance to hone his skills further and provides the perfect cover as he can ‘fake’ being an Elysian and for the Imperium is perfectly placed for specific, strategic military strikes, but also to remove potentially corrupt targets from within. Regular day job though is part of a surgical strike team used to target communication positions and removing enemy command structures.

The efficiency of his work brings him to the attention of the Inquisition, due to being an invisible dealer of death and religiously unswerving in loyalty toward the Emperor.

Strang (Severas)

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