Thaddius Constantine

Arbite Leader


Career: Arbitrator
Rank: Arbitrator

Image: Build: Slender Age: 44yrs Skin: Fair Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

Quirk: Slouched Gait

Divination: “If a job is worth doing then its worth dying for” (gain Frenzy Talent)

Origins: Agri World (Imperial World)

  • Blessed Ignorance -5 Penalty to Forbidden Lore Tests
  • Hagiography Common Lore (Imperial Creed),(Imperium) and (War) are Basic Skills
  • Liturgical Familarity Literacy & Speak language (High Gothic) are Basic Skills
  • Superior Origins Increase Wp +3

Dark Sight Trait (p.329) – from Optical Implant

WS BS Str T Ag Int Per WP Fel
36 39 40 42 35 40 40 33 37
Wounds Fate Half Move Full Move Charge Run
16 1 3 6 9 18
Skill Level
Awareness Per
Barter Fel
Carouse T
Charm Fel
Ciphers – Underworld Int
Climb S
Command Fel
Common Lore – Arbites Int
Common Lore – Imperium Int
Common Lore – Imperial Creed Int
Common Lore – War Int
Concealment Ag
Contortionist Ag
Decieve Fel
Disguise Fel
Dodge Ag +10
Evaluate Int
Forbidden Lore – Mutants Int
Gamble Int
Inquiry Int +10
Interrogation Wp +10
Intimidate S +10
Literacy Int
Logic Int
Scrutiny Per
Search Per +20
Security Ag
Silent Move Ag
Speak Language – Low Gothic Int
Speak Language – High Gothic Int
Tech Use Int +10
Talent Note
Basic Weapon Training (Bolt)
Basic Weapon Training (SP)
Basic Weapon Training (Primitive)
Deadeye Shot
Frenzy 1 rnd to Psyche Up +10 S & Wp, -10 WS + Int, may not flee, retreat or Parry
Hardy Always considered Lightly Wounded for purposes of removing Damage
Leap Up
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
Nerves Of Steel
Pistol Training (Bolt)
Pistol Training (SP)
Rapid Reload Reload time reduced
Stong Minded RR all psychic tests vs. mind control
True Grit
Armour AP Locations
Mechanicus Cranial Implant 4 Head
Arbites Carapace chestplate 6 Body
Arbites Flak Vambraces 2 Arms
Arbites Flak Greaves 2 Legs
Melee Weapon Dam Pen Special
Arbites MK3 Purge Blade 1D10 R 0 Primitive
Justifier Gavel – Club 1D10 I 0 Primitive
Iron Fists Of Mercy – Brass Knuckles 1D5-1 I 0 Primitive
Ranged Weapon Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special
Puritan 14 Pistol 20 S/3/6 1D10+2 I 0 14 Full Reliable
Puritan 14 (Shotgun) Pistol 15 S/-/- 1D10+4 I 0 1 Full Reliable
Combat Shotgun Basic 30 S/3/- 1D10+4 I 0 18 Full Scatter
Boltgun Basic 90 S/2/- 1D10+5 X 4 24 Full Tearing

Income: 77TG

Insanity: 24

Corruption: 45

  • Malignancies
    Irrational Nausea – Cheap Lamp Oil. T test at +10.
    Misshapen – Spine and limbs are deformed (-10 Ag related tests) This penalty removed by having left arm, spine and several bones removed and replaced with cybernetics.


Mounted Light + Arbites MK3 Purge Blade for Combat Shotgun
Club – Justifier Gavel
Brass Knuckles – (The Iron Fists Of Mercy)
Recoil Gloves
Mesh Vest
Arbites Uniform (Good Quality Clothing)
3x Doses of Stimm + Injector
Smokes (Lho Sticks)
Arbitrator ID
Purity Seal x3

Thaddius has these additional abilities available to him due to his Mechanicus Cybernetic Implants:

  • Auger Array (p.154): 20m range. Common quality, as of an Auspex Scanner.
  • Cybernetic Senses – Sight (p.155): + Photochromatic lens providing the Dark Sight Trait (p.329)
  • Targeter: Optical Overlay. +20 to BS
  • +2 TB Left Arm and chest due to cybernetics.

When not purging the taint of the Damned, the Heretical or the vile Zeno from mankind’s sight Thaddius is stationed on a Deep Space platform that serves as a waystation and supply post for Naval Vessels.

He his now a Veteran Sergant and well-respected (feared) by those in his charge.

After a suspected sabotage of a vessel he was in Thaddius was rescued and ‘repaired’ by the Adeptus Mechanicus.

This involved him getting extensive cranial surgery. His skull was almost entirely replaced (see Armour above). He was given an optical implant and associated software. These benefits to his abilities, these ‘Blessings Of The Omnissiah’, did not come without costs…

Replaced left arm and spine, several bones and ribs.

Thaddius Constantine

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