The Red Jester

Deamon Of Kaine, Lord of Murder


A 10 feet tall figure which frolicks about the carnage it creates like that of a court jester of sorts, but a mirthmaker it is not. It leaps and dances as if some form of sick mime or clown, complete with a miniature of it’s own visage upon a large metal stick which it wields with deadly efficiency.

It’s face is a smiling chromed metal mask mounted within an ornate horned headdress.
The giant body seems to run with thick oozing blood and continually drips with this strange dank red ichor.

It moves with a harlequin’s grace, it’s shrill laughter singing deep in the minds of those in it’s proximity, somehow whispering maddening ideas in it’s chuckling as it strides forth to commit acts of strange depravity and horrid murder.


The Red Jester

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