Xanthia makes his home deep within the darkened halls of Hive Golgotha on Ferran.

Xanthia keeps his workshop hidden beneath the gang-held territories of the mid hive Manufactorum strata. It is literally a bunker, made from found hive detritus and welded into an nigh-impregnable fortress. Rockcrete, Flak Board and parts of hull shielding form his ‘nest’. The near-black shunned district in which it sits is known for wandering Mutants and Sump-level abominations, these stories and Xanthia’s own elaborate system of boobytraps help keep the curious at bay.

His true existence is known to few and his actual whereabouts to fewer still, but his work is noted far and wide for the exquisite craftsmanship and functionality.

The Mechanicus would be very interested in his work and would likely be impressed with his ability to shape the instruments of death. However is knowledge of his craft would doubtless bring charges of Tech-Heresy as his skilled hands are not augmented by the Omnissiah’s blessings, nor is Xanthia tutoured in the ways of the cult.

Where he first learned his prodigious skills he has not revealed.


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