Ars Tactica


A huge tome, bound in a black reptillian hide of indistinct origin. The pages are of a strange grey waxy foil, possibly xeno in origin but the text and cartography within bear the unmistakable style of an Imperial scriptorum. It is illuminated in lush colourful renderings of such sublime detail and skill that Administratum Adepts have openly wept at their beauty.

It reportedly details the wars and battleline decisions taken by the Imperium’s greatest heroes including those of the glorious Emperor himself during the dark times of the Horus Heresy.

Several mighty system-wide fleet conflicts are explained. The movements and strengths of gargantuan battlefleets containing countless ships are explained in meticulous detail. Tactical decisions that have sent millions to their deaths for the glory of the Golden Throne are presented here so that time and war historians may see the logic and the essential tactical value of these decisions.

Since its arrival there, the tome has been a disquieting presence in the hallowed halls of the Scriptorum Edificium within the Imperial Command Spire of Hive Golgotha. Rumour and hearsay have always been asssociated with it. About a year ago, several Adepts working nearby reported to their superiors that it had began to “whisper” to them when they found themsleves alone in the stacks with it.

Psykers were asked to ascertain if the tome itself had any Warp taint associated with it. All Telepathica-sanctioned operatives who have spent time with the book have attested that no such taint exists.

The scrivenery staff who reported their concerns were taken off duty within the Librarium and have been subsequently interrogated by Inquisitional personnel. All have been found guilty of spreading dissent and have had their tongues branded for their lack of faith before the Throne.

This would have been brushed off as the fevered imaginings of simple bookworms had not the tome then dissappeared. This event happened at the very time of the Necron Death Fleet leaving the system. Imperial Command can find no actual correlation between these two events but the timing of the final ship leaving into The Null Zone and dissappearing from deep space Auspex range is disturbingly close to the discovery that the Ars Tactica had gone missing.

Inquisitional rumours debate the internal logistics of the theft and how this massive volume ever left the Edificium at all undetected. The darkest of foul play is suspected and a retrieval investigation is currently underway.

Ars Tactica

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