Codex Vandire

A lost map of Warp Anomalies


Inquisititor Goge Vandire was a legendary radical.

A prolific chronicler, his extensive writings and journals have been lost for millennia. Historians and Administratum Adepts would go to war over who might possess them if ever these revered pages were to come to light. The thoughts of a man who at one point ruled as a High Lord Of Terra yet in the end decended into howling madness are considered heretical by most and are classified as forbidden texts.

Early in his reign, Vandire had commissioned a remote scholam of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica to cartograph the sites of countless Warp Anomalies and draw correlations between them.

When work on the map was eventually completed, towards the latter part of Vandire’s life, it was presented to him before the High Lords in a great ceremony held within his private Battlebarge in orbit over Terra itself. Reports from that ceremony state that the starmap itself was beautifully hand-illuminated on thick groxhide vellum and sealed with sacred unguents so that it might last the tests of time.

Soon after completion of the map, the planet where the Astropathic Temple was situated was consumed by the Daemon-led forces spewing from the Eye Of Terror. No survivors of the temple are thought to have escaped the onslaught.

This document is actually both the Psykers ‘Warp Map’ and Vandire’s personal journal entries. These are thought to be boundin small volumes, written longhand in his own rather baroque hand and detail his investigations into the sites indicated upon the map itself.

The journals make up the bulk of what The Codex Vandire might be in it’s entirety. It is likely that the full, complete works are lost to time, but rumours of articles seemingly of similar origins to the legendary Codex persist.

Historians thereafter have suggested that it was the very act of scrying into the wherabouts of holes in the Immaterium – delving for the secrets of the warp – that brought on the fearful Warp Storm that scourged the planet. Much has been made of this as Vandire’s reputation was dissected over the millennia following his death. His name is often used as a warning advising Imperial citizenry throughout the galaxy to be wary of looking too long into the dark.

It is thought that fragments of Vandire writings may have fallen into the hands of the Assassinorum, although why the Officio might be interested in it’s retrieval is probably too awful to wholly comprehend.

Codex Vandire

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