Adeptus Arbites


The Arbites keep a standing local force in almost all Imperial settlements where possible, ensuring that the Throne’s justice is upheld and that wrongdoers are punished.

Arbites hold local courts within the precinct to which they are posted. Only the most prominent in Imperial society or those accused of the most heinous crimes are tried before the Judiciary on Ferran.

On Sabirah the Arbites-led militia is referred to as the Sabirahan Provost.

On Amalin Grandus the law is again militia-oriented with outposts situated within major cities and spaceports, consequentially the planet is a playground for those seeking to evade justice and several underworld bosses make their permanent homes there.

Drook IV is under feudal law which is overseen by the Adeptus Ministorum officals, consequentially a trial by combat or auto da fé is more often employed than wrongdoers being handed over to the central authorities.

Ferran holds the most heavy Arbite presence, with stations situated throughout all the major hives. It is also where the Halls of Justice, the head of the Judiciary within system, is housed.

Adeptus Arbites

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