Adeptus Ministorum

Adeptus ministorum
The Ecclesiarchy have recently settled upon Drook IV as their new seat of power within the sector after withdrawing from Ferran for ecumenical reasons.

The revered Basillica of Saint Lucilla is one of the larger cathedral fortress and is the base of operations of the Sisterhood of the Burning Heart, an Adeptus Sororitas convent, is maintained there.

The head of the order the Pontifex Mundi – the highest ruling official within the system – has yet to be elected following the extermination of the previous incumbent Father Esquinum by the Acolytes.

The views of the Ministorum on what befell the Pontifex Mundi has yet to be ascertained, clearly the events have shaken the very structure of the Emperor’s Minstry within the system and care is being taken to elect an official who can lead its reformation correctly.

Adeptus Ministorum

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