Amalin Grandus

Amalin grandusAgri World

Situated centrally in the Soloss System.

A mostly warm, very tropical planet. Known for it’s steaming rainforests and tracts of lush undergrowth.

The law is militia-oriented with outposts situated within major cities and spaceports, consequentially the planet is a playground for those seeking to evade justice and several underworld bosses make their permanent homes there.

The Taalesku Continent

Bosuul – a once bustling market town, now a ruin and a memorial to the townspeople who fell there. The area was been leveled by a precision assault and pruging led by a strike detachment of the White Scars Space Marines.

Malari Spaceport – now destroyed, was once the tomb prison for many Necrons trapped beneath the Eldar Monolith they were freed by their Death Fleet and have destroyed the spaceport which was built atop it. The Adeptus Mechanicus temple and Scholam which was built beneath the Spaceport and serviced it was consequentially destroyed in the process, further building the hatred that exists between the Mechanicus and the Necron.

Malari Ossary – A series of catacombs cut into a cliff spur overlooking the valley where Malari once stood. many generations of Malari’s ruling classes were interred here.

Amalin Grandus

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