Battlefleet Soloss

The devine right

Under an Edict of the Council Of Twelve in response to the evidence brought before them by Callsign: CEPHRAS a fleet has set out for a ‘Red Nebula’, a small cluster of planets all but hidden by a cloud of space debris cast from the Eye Of Terror, hereafter called Perdition.


Vessel Name Designation Class
Salvation (crippled) Fleet Command Grand Cruiser – Avenger Class
Blessing Of Fury Adepta Sororitas Firestorm Escort Class Frigate
Altar Of Terra Adepta Sororitas Dominator Class Cruiser
Void Walker Imperial Guard Sword Class Frigate
Heaven’s Blade Imperial Guard Claymore Class Corvette
Angelis Ultima Imperial Guard Turbulent Class Heavy Frigate
Infernii Imperial Guard Endurance Class Light Carrier
Acheron’s Word Imperial Guard Defiant Class Light Cruiser
Guardian Of The Faithful Imperial Guard Escort Carrier
Hawklord Imperial Guard Falchion Escort
Brazen Prayer (destroyed) Imperial Guard Armed Freighter
Throne’s Accord Imperial Guard Armed Freighter


Imperial Guard -

Imperial Navy -

  • 31st Skybourne “Ice Buzzards”
  • 111st Skybourne “Umbral Hawks”
  • 1271st Skybourne “Death Raptors”

Adepta Sororitas
Order Of The Lambent Flame

Battlefleet Soloss

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