The forces of Chaos are the great enemy of mankind, the howling furies of the Warp-Spawned forever confront the true servants of the God Emperor at every step.

Oddly for such a relatively undefended system, there has been few sightings of large Chaos warbands. The Inquistion notes this as suspicious, as a danger being unseen has never been proof that ones defences should slacken.

Neverthless Warp Entities have been seen, several highly dangerous and unholy creatures, beasts born from the hellish dreams of the Dark Gods have been encountered here.

It has been noted though by Inquisitional scholars that the ‘randomness’ of these attacks may have some purpose for the Archenemy. As if somehow the Chaos Gods are testing the very fabric of reality, seeking for a place to breach it.

Heretical Cults
Mutant cults, charisimatic heretic leaders and bands of Chaos-tainted renegades have arisen within the system at times and several uprisings of these degenerates have been put down by Arbites, Guard Regiments and Inquisitional contingents.

The Holy Inquisition continues to watch for signs of these groups as they emerge and drive their influence from the path of mankind.


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