Drookian Prime

Drookian prime
War World

Drookian Primaris is the largest inhabitable planet within the Soloss Sector, although no established indigenous settlements are noted there now. This is due to the colossal war that has raged there for centuries between the anarchic and highly unpredictable Ork Freebooter Klans and the dogged forces of the Imperial Guard it is said that fighting broke out here during the Age of Apostasy.

The Sisterhood of the Burning Heart, a convent of the Adepta Sororitas has held a crusade upon Drook Prime to drive back the green tide for the last few years. As ever, the fanatical Sisters Of Battle are inspiring in their rhetoric and formidable in war. In fact the Guardsman have taken inspiration in the Sister’s presence here and now speak of them as the “Angels Of The Trenches”. The morale of any Guard battlefront here is boosted greatly by knowing that the Holy Sisterhood is by their side.

The planet was once a thriving Imperial metropolis with countless palaces and was previously the centre of the sector’s political commerce and dedicated to the acquisition of knowledge. It was once a bastion of high culture, home to many distinguished Scholams, Artisan Communities and places of learning.

It is possible that many treasures of the ancient world remain here. Perhaps books of obscure lore and lost secrets from even before the Age of Apostasy lie undiscovered beneath the bleak mountains of rubble that mark the sites of where once mighty cities stood. So far no organised retrieval expedition has been organised by the Empire of Man.

Drookian Prime

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