The Planet Ferran is a Hive World and the administrative seat of power within the Soloss System.

Ferran was once a prosperous Mechanicus Forge World until the valuable minerals and ore that made the planet so desirable were exhausted. Now the planet itself is a husk and utterly deadly to human life without protective measures.

Ferran has been mined to the very point of collapse, many huge gashes in it’s scarred surface expose the planet’s very core and magma spits from these rents in it’s crust. Mighty deserts of volcanic ash dominate the surface. Any water is saved and recycled as best it can be as the planet’s water table is utterly toxic. The few surviving oceans are a noxious soup that is said to corrode metals and ceramite alike.

The Hives that dominate the globe are actually the last remnants of a mighty Mechanicus forge world which once made giant crusade ships for the Imperial Fleet millennia ago. Forgotten Manufactorums, lost in the endless black seas of ash may yet hold valuable Archeotech but the hazards in attempting to retieve such treasures prohibit the prospect.

Ferran holds the most heavy Arbite presence of any world within the Sector, with District Stations situated throughout all the major hives, particularly within the more densely populated mid-hive stratas.

Hive Golgotha
This is the largest hive on Ferran and in many ways a centre of commerce and political control for the sector.

Hive Tesque
The main stronghold of the Mechanicum within the sector, a harsh place of rust, oil and roaring Manufactorums where without breathing equipment (or a set of iron lungs) the very air can kill. This makes investigation by outside authorities problematic.

Countless servitors toil endlessly at their charges, lifeless mind-wiped husks that never tire or sway from their imprinted task.

Eos Gulag
The most brutal maximum security Imperial penal facility on the planet, referred to by the underworld sector-wide as “The Slam”.

It is situated on an outcrop of rock within the largest of the poisoned oceans. Only those political prisoners that are deemed to be a danger if word of their execution were to get out are incarcerated here. Many a fallen Imperial dignitary has seen their last hours here, forgotten and alone in the endless dark.

Even rogue Psykers and dangerous mutants are brought here under heavy neuro-inhibitor suppression. It is said that the energies boiling within the black ocean around it supress psychic abilities somehow.

Convicts are placed in oubliettes, deep holes within the rock and left to die. No prisioner has ever escaped, life on the rock is seen as being only a matter of days.

Tempus Occularis Citadel
At the ice-capped southern pole stands an ancient blackened rockcrete spire. Compared to the great hives elsewhere on the planet it is a minor edifice yet it stands several miles high above the cold wastes.

A small lifeless moon sits forever in the planet’s shadow. It is named Occul and a small Mechanicus Explorator refuelling base is maintained there.


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