Heretical Cults

The Children Of The Abyss

The first signs of the emergence of this Cult were noted by Mechanicus Engineseers stationed within Hive Golgotha on planet Ferran.

A fall in productivity was noted in one of the larger Manufactorums, specifically a foundry which forges hull plating for the Naval Fleet. A head count uncovered workers missing from compulsory prayers within an Admantium furnace. It is unclear how long this oversight went unnoticed.

Administratium Officials informed the Holy Inquisition and a cadre of Investigators have been assigned to uncover the source of the sedition.

It is thought that the Cult must have have a stronghold of some kind, hidden in the dark endless labyrinth of the Underhive from which it plans its raids upon the citizenry.

The Cults goals are unknown at this time, nothing but rumour and gossip. Apart from the missing workers and the odd piece of heretical graffiti found on the foundry strata there seems to be little tangible evidence of their existence at all.

Coupled with this there is nothing to say what it’s true motivations and intent might be. Not even what foul god or deities they serve. Questions have arisen suggesting that The Children Of The Abyss are perhaps a cell of some larger sect.

Whatever the case, this new cult is untried and undefined. It remains the largest threat to the wellbeing of the citizenry of Ferran.

Heretical Cults

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