Kranak III


A War Planet.

Site of countless battles between the forces of the Imperial Guard and an indigenous Ork population which appears to have had access to some ancient Imperial technology. Indeed, the Mechanicus wishes to eradicate the Ork and plunder the planet for lost relics from the Dark Age Of Technology.

A rag-tag war of attrition has raged for countless years where neither side has given ground. The Ork are unusually tough even by their standards and are heavily fortified with access to war machines which belie their seemingly barbaric culture. The Guard forces are met with heavy resistance at every turn.

Thus the war has become a grinding slog through the blackened soil. Trench warfare on a massive scale has consumed the planet. The masters of this approach are the Death Korps Of Krieg who have come treat the war on Kranak III as their personal vendetta. They view the war here as a crucible, a testing ground, a trial of faith placed before them by the God Emperor.

Regiment legend holds that when the war on Kranak III is won, the Emperor will hear the shouts of victory on Terra and bless his people anew.

Thus they send raw recruits, the misbegotten, their Penal Legions, their most hated failures and those who seek only death to this battlefield. All agree that to prove oneself here is a vain hope. Yet if hope prevails, those that survive a posting here are held in high renown.

Drake Mallear served here. He met Roper, a vicious ex-Commissar who has stayed on Kranak III for longer than many of his rank. Quite why he stayed when he should have been rotated off world long ago is unknown.

Kranak III

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