Red nebula

Perdition’s Flame

The ragged cluster of planetary bodies now known as Perdition lies within an expansive swirling shroud of gases and warp-tainted material. Given it’s relative proximity to the Eye Of Terror this is not surprising. This strange cloud of miasmal debris wreathes the entire sector with a red and gold ‘dust’ which gives the entire sector the appearance of being aflame.

The system is relatively small, with six major planets and only a handful of moons that can be exploited by life forms. It might be easily overlooked and had it not been for sustained Astropathic scrying it may well have lain completely undiscovered.

Tech Magos argue over the exact composition of Perdition’s Flames. One thing is for sure, travel in the region is hazardous.It has been noted that several Imperial ships, including the Mechanicus Explorator vessel Engine Of Deliverance, have been lost in it’s proximity.

  • Perditor – The nearest star. Casts a ‘reddish’ hue.
  • Prime – Clouded. The largest planetary body in the system.
  • Secundus – Red. Stone? Sand?
  • Trian – White. Ice-bound? Furthest from a star.
  • Quattuor – Blue. Possibly an Ocean World?
  • Quinna – Black/Grey. Rock, possibly settlement?
  • Seia – Green. Jungle/Agri World.


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