Sabirah smallFeudal World

Meaning “patience” in the indigenous tongue of the Anterro people.

A barren – some say cursed – world which is baked dry beneath the remorseless heat of the system’s star Soloss Magna and primarily settled by a fractured, diverse nomadic tribal people.

Most of the three larger continents are primarily desert although there are regions of polar ice and mountainous regions where most of the rain falls. The seas are very saline and as such the catches are hard to process.

Few rivers exist, most ground water having to be drilled for. The bedrock is sandstone and therefore quite porus and so the water table is often deep beneath the surface. Consequently water is the basis of trade for many of the indigenous tribe peoples.

Algar Mountains
A massive mountain range in the northern region of the largest continent. The tribal trading outpost of Enoch (now destroyed) was a central point of commerce between the hill tribes who raise and breed Bantu and their nomadic merchant bretheren.

A series of gargantuan craters is now all that remains of the settlement and several square miles of mountains. This region was subject to orbital bombardment on the orders of the Inquision following the Acolyte’s report of a Zenos threat hiding in an underground tunnel system there.

The devestation is substantial and can be easily seen from high atmosphere.


The nominal ‘capital’ of the largest continent. Although in comparison it is no bigger than a large Imperial town on many other worlds, it is however well defended by high stone walls. Given this defended position and thus it’s resilience to sandstorms it has grown into a bustling cultural centre of commerce.

The city streets are wide and in the most part the architecture is in a dominantly tribal styles. The souk and gardens seen throughout the central portions of the city reflect this theme. There are also many markets and bazaars that weave into rich fabric of the city itself.

The main draw for the city is it’s spaceport, a fairly busy centre of the city where Chartist Captains trade off-world goods. Harport is the planet’s main source of off-world trade although other spaceports do exist.

Beyond the walls sits a large nomad encampment, almost a city in itself. It is a colourful and ever-shifting tent town where there is no law but the strict tribal customs of the unique and passionate Sabirhrans are upheld.

The city has a standing Imperial presence overseen by the senior Imperial Administrator Governor Tadaalis in the central marble-halled edifice of the Imperial Palace. This is a many-storied citadel-villa with a central quad guarden.

Imperial Defences
Imperial Guard Regiment: garrisoned within the city. The standing regiment, the 201st Praetorian Huzzars are stationed in the complex adjacent to the Imperial Palace itself, in fact the parade ground is built at the rear of the Imperial gardens and can be accessed from the terrace.

Sabirahan Provost: A standing militia, directly overseen by the Adeptus Arbites.

They wear smart blue uniforms in the naval style, despite the sweltering sun.

Tribal Cultures

There are four major tribal peoples or “castes” on Sabirah and scholars surmise many splinter groups which are descended from these directly or indirectly. The very nature of their complex tribal systems means that feuds and alliances cause many entwining sub-sects and independent separatist movements. These are mostly ineffectual politically and cause no major concerns to the Imperial Government for the most part. Within the Imperial Palace in Harport they note that if the Sabirahan people were to rise up against the ruling administration the incumbents would be unable to resist them. As it is, the ‘gypsy’ traveller cultures prevalent on the planet are currently disparate and ununified.


Anterro – Traders
Vorah – Ruling Class
Mehu – Scholars / merchanst / Tradesman
Tocal – Peasants / Serfs / ‘Peons’ / ‘Slave’ Underclass


Bantu – A foul-tempered many-horned cattle which when fully grown stand approx two metres at the shoulder. Bred and traded across the planet for hide, blood and meat, it’s hide is extremely tough, no thicker leather can be found in the neighbouring systems and thus is the planet’s main source of export trade.

Razorwings – Giant carrion birds that glide the thermals awaiting fallen prey. Known to take lone travellers and Bantu calfs.

Terrorbirds – Known as “Glih” by the Mehu. Flocks of twelve to fifteen feet tall flightless carniverous birds. Can be broken and ridden by skilled handlers. Used by regiments of Imperial Guard Rough Rider detachments as horses and other mounts cannot cope with the Sabiran climate.


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