Tempus Occularis Citadel

A Scholastica Psykana Facility dedicated to the Psyker Discipline of Divination on planet Ferran. Hopeful psykers make pilgrimage here in the hope of learning the secrets of the path of Divination, a path of learning focused on forseeing future events and uncovering secrets thought hidden in time.

The current head of the order within the Citadel is Primaris Regent Ravion Zarkov, a dour, bookish scholastic type who believes he has seen the circumstances of his own death.

At the ice-capped southern pole stands an ancient blackened rockcrete spire. Compared to the great hives elsewhere on the planet it is a minor edifice yet it stands several miles high above the cold wastes.

Surrounding this imposing stucture is an elaborate series of explosive devices of ancient and monumental proportions. This ‘circle of death’ is intended as a fail-safe against the studies into the mysteries of the Warp going awry and dooming all those within. The devices were placed there at the insistence of the Inquisition and with the co-operation and skills of the Mechanicus. The Adeptus Astra Telepathica no doubt have their own feelings about this decision but have so far held their ire.

The Endless Walk

Tempus Occularis Citadel

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