The Chronicles Of Soloss

Season VII, Episode IV


The chamber is littered with the corpses of cultists. Offal and viscera lie strewn across the floor’s steel grating.

The frag grenades thrown at the Heretek Ogryn ignited the unstable chemicals within it. The resulting explosion plunged the beasts carcass and many bodies through the floor of the chamber and into the depths of the underhive far below.

The corpse of the Renegade Psyker was also destroyed by the explosion. His troubling concern around killing Thaddius Constantine as yet undiscovered.

Now in a smaller corridor leading Throne knows where. Maloric, Strang, Constantine and the Psyker Drake Mallear shaken and wounded continue their investigation into the origins of the cult. They must formulate a plan to halt this pestilence before it spreads out to the populace.

Strang – severely injured by the Psyker. His internal organs all but cooked by the bio-lightning rained upon him.
Mallear – heavily wounded, stabilised by Maloric.
Constantine – miraculously barely harmed.
Maloric – Auto Pistol round to the left wrist is now wrapped in rag bandages.



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