Hive Golgotha

Hive Golgotha is the largest Hive on Ferran

The Upper Spires
High above the worst of the airborne toxins and pollution smog clouds, the Upper Spires are home to many of the system’s ruling Merchant Houses.

The disgraced family of House Bafford still reside at their ancestral manse within the once-revered Spire Of Saints, licking their social and political wounds.

The Imperial Command Spire is the central pinnacle of Hive Golgotha and some might say the very epicentre of all political power of the Soloss System. Within this mighty citadel lies much of the command structure of all Imperial interests within the sector including the Inqusition and the Administratum.

The Halls of Scrivenery hiss constantly with the scraping of innumerable styluses upon parchment, like the sound of some titanic underground waterfall. Eye-wateringly long rows of Scribes copy out Dictats, Political Treaties and Command Orders in meticulous and exacting detail. Piles of parchment, codices and scrolls are stacked in piles. ‘Cherub’ Servitors on tiny buzzing eagle wings flit about these stacks arranging and redistributing them like birds at their nests.

The command spire also holds the Halls of Justice, the central focus of the Judiciary within the system is housed. Here the judgement of Imperial Law is cast. To be phsyically brought before the Judiciary to stand trial is reserved for high-ranking members of the Imperial structure.

The Inquisition holds the Conclave Of Ferran within this spire. This strata is off limits to all but those with Ordos-given authority, only showing an Inquisitional ID will allow access.

The Imperial Command Spire’s most revered enclave is known as the Council Of Twelve. This high council represents the supreme and overarching authority withing the Soloss System. The leading members of every major faction of the Imperial power are present here and it is here where all system-wide decisions are made.


Many Mechanicus Manufactorums still function within the Mid-Hive stratas, these ancient edifices construct vital items for the Imperium’s efforts to subdue the system.

Canticle Spaceport
A mid-hive waystation and hub for goods in and out of the Manufactorum levels. Vital supplies are recieved hourly to feed the Hive’s starving millions.

Arbites Troopers and gang muscle guard the goods going both in and out, supposedly ensuring that supplies get to where they are intended. This arrangement seldom works effectively, corruption is rife and underhand dealing means that few workers recieve the rations they are allotted.

The Underhive
Beneath the Manufactorum stratas is a maze of twisted steel and rockrete. The Structure of this area is unsound and movement through this dangerous and unmapped territory is to be advised against.

This is where the Hive Gangs hold the most sway. It is a poisonous, lawless slum at best. Those that dwell here and few do by choice, do so on their wits and low cunning. Anarchy and human misery are all that is to be found here.

Although some do say that valuable tech may yet be uncovered in older, disguarded or collapsed areas long forgotten by the populace.

Xanthia makes his home in the depths of the Underhive here. A micro-forge really where he hand crafts his exquisite weapons. This workshop is well hidden and it’s approaches are littered with lethal traps. Only the foolhardy or those given directions through this maze of death can have a chance of finding his dwelling alive.

The Sump
Deep in the endless darkness of the Underhive lies The Sump. Few have seen this and returned to speak of it.

Stories tell of a black lake made from of vile chemicals that drip from the Hive above, populated by mutated creatures that hunt the inky depths.

Hive Golgotha

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