House Bafford

One of the leading merchant houses within the Soloss System. The family seat of power is currently situated in on the Hive Planet Ferran within the Golgotha Hive. The House runs/owns a the giant Spire Of Saints from where all it’s interests within the system are monitored.

The Baffords have a tradition of sending their firstborn offspring to train within the Scholam Navilis with the goal that the child achieves a Battleship Command. The House continue to hold to this code even today. Consequentially the Baffords have a Naval theme to their style and architecture. The house has a grey/blue crest with a red sash and the styles worn by both the bloodline and household reflect this palette. They have a taste for the baroque and the ornate and such many of their belongings have an elaborate, flamboyant, some say “showy” feel.

Recently Ashe, the second in line to the ailing Lord Magister Quintus Bafford has been eliminated by Inquisitor Hiron and a cadre of Inquisitional Acolytes codenamed: CEPHRAS. The official reports from the scene state that Ashe and his father had become subject to taint by foul forces of the archenemy.

When this information became known, as secrets are wont to do, the Baffords suffered some severe financial and political losses as investors fled and ancient alliances were annulled as political players sought to distance themselves from the ‘impure’. This once great House now has a fight on its hands to prove its purity and maintain a grip on sector-wide power.

It is possible that resentment is harboured by the family towards those that uncovered this terrible secret. Some suggest that vengeful mutterings have been heard and that Inquisitor Hiron has made a powerful enemy in House Bafford.

Lady Bafford

2nd: Ashe [Dead]

[[Hathwick Faulkner ]]- “Top Hat” “The bastard of the Baffords”
Rogue Trader and a sanctioned Imperial Privateer

House Bafford

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