The Endless Walk

When suspicion of corruption in body, thought or deed is levelled at a Psyker of the Tempus Occularis. The Inner Circle, a council of elder adepts, can insist that the accused be tested by undertaking various tests of purity.By far the most feared of these tests is The Endless Walk.

The trial is a five day walk through the region’s bleak ice plateau. The open snow plains are without shelter for the most part and subject to sub-zero temperatures. The polar winds are remorseless and life expectancy without adequate protection can be a matter of minutes. The accused must walk on foot, unaided to the former site of The Chapel of the Emperor Ascendant.

The Chapel was once on the shores of a great lake, now swallowed by the ice. The once beautiful edifice now lies fallen at the very foot of a gargantuan glacial cravasse. The building is in some ways intact, with the chapel itself still partially accessable by climbing down several hundred meters into deep blue stillness of the ice chasm.

The a strange bluish ore is found on the shores of the frozen lake. This ore can be made into a rare alloy called Omnisium. The metal is silver/blue and is revered by the Imperium for it’s apparent resistence to psychic effects. It is one of the metals once used within the Psychic Hood of Space Marine Librarians to channel power and prevent an attack from the immaterium.

The wall of the Chapel has collapsed and rocks rich in Omnisium ore have broken into the sanctum. Great boulders of basalt rock, shot through with gleaming seams of ore can be found before the altar. Trial of the The Endless Walk is to collect and return to the Temple with this ore. About half the Psyker’s bodyweight usually suffices.

Few who undertake the trial ever return. Psykers are notoriously frail in stature and the endless cold and physical exertion is extreme. The trial is seen as a death sentence by most.

If ever the accused does return with the ore then the alloy is fashioned into some form of device that might bolster the Psyker’s resolve against corruption and heresy. Usually these devices are ritually installed in a ceremony that involves severe physicl and mental pain. Noting a Psyker with a piece of Omnisium about their person is often the mark of those who were tested against the worst of trials and who have yet prevailed.

The Endless Walk

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